About Us

Brenda Levy Owner

I got my start with my father Eugene F. Negethon, Jr, who owned Dentures Unlimited., so
being a dental technician was bred into me at a early age. As far back as I can remember, I
have memories of watching my dad at the bench. I was so amazed at his talent. I have
always known that being a dental technician was what I wanted to do. After daddy’s passing
in 1986, I began working for various labs until October of 1998 when my husband and I
opened DLAA. Starting my own dental lab has been one of the most
challenging but rewarding things I have done. As a family, we are dedicated to the dental
community and strive to make the best product for each patient. I miss my dad terribly,
but every day I sit down at the bench I am reminded of him. Thirty years later, I’m still
loving it and excited to be part of the dental community.

Carlos Prietos – Removables

I have been working with DLAA for over 8 years as a
technician. During my time with Brenda I have learned almost every
aspect of the dental lab, my current responsibility is in the removables
department. Everyday I come to work I am committed to creating the
best quality of work possible in everything I do. Now I am studying to
get my CDT certification because I believe that the more I know the
better my work will be.

Jose Galvan – Crown & Bridge

CDT Certified Crown & Bridge Technician for almost 30
years. I am returning to DLAA after being
away for 2 years and I look forward to doing great work
for all of our dental offices!

Mitch Levy – Crown & Bridge

I have been my mom’s understudy for as long as I
can remember. I got my start by making models
and moved up to the crown and bridge
department. I have been EMAX certified through
Ivoclar Vivodent and I am currently studying to get
my CDT certification. I love that every case is
different and challenging. The dental industry is
constantly changing and I like to stay on top of the
newest techniques.